Buggering Mice


I know you’ll think I’m a louse
But lately I’ve found it just grouse
To use a new trick
And pleasure my dick
By carelessly fucking a mouse

You hold them in gloves made of velcro
Inserting yourself fairly slow
They stretch and they squeak,
Their ribs give a creak –
That’s when they will burst, don’t you know.

It works like a treat with most mice
And come when I’ve done it just thrice
I couldn’t care less
’bout all of the mess –
The cat licks it up in a trice.


 I’ve added some sexual spice
Tho you may not think I am nice
I’ve given up cows
(My New Yearly vows)
And taken up buggering mice.

I tried that ol’ cyber sex crap
But found I preferred just a nap
Till one day I found
Down there on the ground
A pair of white mice in a trap.


You’re better off buggering mice
Their bum is as tight as a vice
And don’t ever worry
About saying sorry
They never come back for it twice


I’m loving just buggering mice
They’re best when held in a vice
But always take care
With those over there
They bite and they’re covered in lice.



2 thoughts on “Buggering Mice

  1. A queer young fellow named Klutz
    Kept a Steering Wheel next to his guts
    When a friend asked him why
    It stuck out of his fly?
    He replied, “It’s driving me nuts.”

    A sheep shagging Kiwi named Lou
    Couldn’t get far enough up it’s flue
    So he took the young miff
    To the edge of a cliff
    Which made it back up harder too.

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