Down-Under is what I do like
With you above me, poised to strike.
With one single lunge
We’ll both take the plunge – – –
I may end with a teeth damaged psych!

So, tho the request may sound trite
And all of those teeth are a sight
So white and so strong
And fright’ningly long –
Be gentle when you take a bite


One thought on “Down-Under

  1. He was stircrazy and not overbright
    Beating his meat every night
    And to a hated ex chum
    Mailed his storage of cum
    Which was done out of malice and spite

    When this sexy young guys feeling bright
    He can cum up to ceiling height
    And sometimes he’ll spoof
    As high as the roof
    But not when he’s feeling uptight.

    A young fellow planned to come clean
    To his Mum, about his wet dream
    For she’d said to him, “Son
    Please don’t let your nose run
    On your bed sheets no longer pristine.

    A fussy young bridegroom did crow
    That in semen he never would wallow
    So he ordered new wife
    For the rest of her life
    To just give him head and then swallow

    A fellow would constantly hum
    During shagging, and after he’d cum
    Then break into song
    Making her sing along
    While on his guitar he did strum

    A naive young harlot named Flo
    Had a learning ability slow
    At her first job of head
    To the client she said,
    “Do you want me to suck or to blow”?

    This filthy young whore from a Slum
    One day complained to her Mum
    “My throat is all slimy”
    And her Mum replied “Blimey
    You’d better stop swallowing cum”.

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