There once was a lady named Eve
Who did things you wouldn’t believe
With uncut cucumbers
And horny young plumbers
And a Dachshund she wants to retrieve!!!


One thought on “Eve

  1. A kinky young lassy from Wick
    Would take on all sizes of Dick
    But of course that depended
    On where they all ended
    In her gob, in her arseole or mick.

    A kinky young lass from the City
    Likes a Chinaman licking her clitty
    And stuck up her bum
    An Indian’s thumb
    Whilst an Abo sucks on her left titty

    A Hooker who’s rather a slut
    Was giving some head to a nut
    “Tastes like rice”, she did cry
    Then came the reply
    “Well it’s been up a Chinaman’s butt.”

    A stone deaf old Hooker from Seoul
    Cried out, and her customer Noel
    Said, “Are you distraught?”
    She said, “No, I just thought
    Instead of paying you’d gone for a stroll

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