The Lioness

Down-Under is what I do like
With you above me, poised to strike.
With one single lunge
You’ll then take the plunge – – –
I may end with a teeth damaged psych!

So, tho the request may sound trite
And all of those teeth are a sight
So white and so strong
And fright’ningly long –
Be gentle when you take a bite


One thought on “The Lioness

  1. A mad whore who lived in Yapoon
    Was known to be sick as a loon
    She’d suck and you’d blow
    In a bowl held below
    Co’s she liked eating cum with a spoon.

    A Classy young lass from Warkool
    Was sucking a man by the pool
    When he said, “You say ought
    She replied, “I was taught
    Never to speak with my mouth full.”

    “This kinky young sheila from Cobb
    Will suck off any old slob,
    I swear to you Fred,
    She’d give head to the dead
    Just to feel a cock in her gob.”

    A young man well endowed and refined
    Showed a pro who nearly declined
    Changed her mind and said “Chum
    On it’s knob I’ll stick gum,
    And if I start chewing rewind

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