We all love our ‘poota’s, don’t we.

And Bill Gates for being the provider of all things computic.

Explorer sucks, it’s just the pits

I want my old Netscape, it fits.

But till I upgrade

‘Scape stays in the shade;

But Gatesware just gives me the shits!


For anything posted, McCoogle

Don’t load up your puter with droogle

Try using a search

And for a great perch

The engine is best when it’s Google.


Tho if you have got the dry heaves

From drinking the juice of the sheaves

Then maybe it’s best

(The butler won’t rest)

Be daring and simply ask Jeeves!


This bloody Windows solitaire

Wastes so much more time than I care

To admit to or

(Don’t ask my high score)

Discuss with anyone out there.



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