Through a tiny rip in the fabric of time, the 1970’s slipped a tendril of psychodelia into 1998.

Marty had written, “Pay attention to the little voices. I do whatever they tell me!”


kiss wrote

The voices are mumbling to me
But they’re not speaking very clearly
Speak they of towels?
And what are those howls?
It must be the wind in the tree…



archie wrote:

We’ve all missed this very strange plot,
For tablets we no more have got.
That tree has its OWLS
And some of my towels,
Wait, now it’s beginning to trot.

If Marlene stays inside her head,
And if I can use mine instead
That big bright green sky,
(Where elephants fly)
Will kill all the dragons stone dead!

Marlene, it’s now safe to come out
Although all the hippos are stout.
I’ve saved you again
From the sound of Big Ben.
But kiss let the butterflies out!

Archie –

everything seems normal from here.



kiss wrote – the confusion is persistent…

The butterflies hold up the sky
The elephants pissed in my eye
The dragons live still
They’re not easy to kill
But since when did fat hippos fly?




  1. The Ant

    The early morning sun shines on
    The swaying gums above
    While gentle breezes ripple
    Through the grass

    The softly humming bee sounds mingle
    With the cooing of the dove
    And the chirp of pretty robins
    As they pass

    Squatting there beneath a tree
    Midst all this peaceful sound
    In contemplation I lowered my eyes
    And saw upon the ground

    A tiny ant a toiling there
    To move a grain of sand
    A silent worker this one
    In this softly murmuring land

    As I watched I marvelled
    At the strength that he possessed
    Pulling, dragging, pushing
    Never stopping for a rest

    With grim determination
    He slowly made his way
    Between my feet he struggled
    For his goal behind me lay

    With head strained between my knees
    I could his steady pace
    As I watched him there beneath me
    A smile spread on my face

    With silent strength and patience
    He moved the last wee bit
    And at that very moment
    I buried him in shit!

    Radnoft Pladzitcki

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