A Lack Of Limerick Inspiration

A dearth of our favourite verse
Is sad but then whats even worse
Because it is sadder
And makes me much madder –
The lack of wild exploits perverse


Luckily I have a lot of archives – – –


7 thoughts on “A Lack Of Limerick Inspiration

  1. Archie is a naughty old chap
    Who loves to write crap
    But alas and alack
    When he loses the knack
    All he needs is a jolly hard slap.

  2. A sweet affair is a dalliance
    It exudes a touch of flamboyance
    For a girl so quiet and staid
    As this gentle maturing maid
    It adds a tinge of radiance

  3. There is no need to be sadder
    Even less to feel madder
    For the dearth of your verse
    And wild exploits perverse
    Have returned to make us dodder!

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