Gratuitous Crude


While limericks were invented for the crudity, there are some subjects which are not quite as comfortable in any form.

These are not crude for any reason, they are just gratuitously crude!

When Mabel is using her tampons
Her panties will still become damp’ens.
All smelly and red,
That’s quite enough said,
Her hole is now too loose to clamp’ems!


A husband with habits of cleanses
Was driven right out of his senses.
He made the mistake
Of ent’ring her crake,
As wifey was having her menses.


Our Eve was quite naughty and crude
She liked all her men to be nude
She gave them great head
And then when she bled
She loved to be anally screwed


A comment on part of the British Royal Family

The horse box, whose name is Camilla
Would phone the mad son of Prince Philla.
And Charlie’s a champion
He will be the tampion
Camilla will next use to filla.


While wandering through Eritrea
That feminist, Germaine – um – Greer
Was caught without tampons,
(It does sometimes happons.)
That’s why they now have a Red Sea(r)!


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