The Scream



Old Bronnie

The beehive-crowned Bronwyn Bishop is/was the Speaker in the House of Reps.

She enjoys sending people out of the chamber under Rule 94a

She also enjoys spending taxpayer money on helicopter flights

Old Bronnie just sits in the chair
Weighed down by care and by hair
Her 94a’s
All brighten her days
When not flying up in the air

July 2015

He Who Must Not Be Named

There are Dark Arts and Soul Stealers and then there is the Cthulhu Mythos.

This was the result of a quiet read on a dark and stormy night – – –

There was once a magickal caster,
Who learned his art faster and faster.
But what does it mean
That he’s not been seen
Since he uttered the name of Hast–urk!!!