Sex Toy




Having fun in a derogatory way and getting stuck with “ace” words!

When no one appreciates Mace
He suddenly loses his grace
With bat and with ball
He’s off down the hall
And storms off right outa that place

But what this unobservent Mace
Has failed to observe is that space
Is timeless but ends
In relative bends
And so he falls flat on his face!


For guarding the harem use Eunuchs
They work best if left with their pricks
So a slide down two planks
Then they only fire blanks
Their bollocks are squashed ‘tween two bricks

I see by your look, you’re distraught
This tale a new question has brought
“I don’t want to be curt
But doesn’t it hurt?”
“It wont ‘less your fingers get caught!”

(old prose joke, retold)