Matrons of Adelaide

The matrons of Adelaide swear
That language is pure as air
And none of them tuck
A word such as fuck
In sentences that they declare.


Old Screen Savers

Regardless of OS and hosters
Most all Usenet’s  earliest posters
To save screens from frying
We all had those flying
And diagonal ranks of winged toasters


There once was a lady, Leonie
Who played with her own sweet peony
She said that she would
If only she could
Just share with a Sugar Dad Honey


Old Bronnie

The beehive-crowned Bronwyn Bishop is/was the Speaker in the House of Reps.

She enjoys sending people out of the chamber under Rule 94a

She also enjoys spending taxpayer money on helicopter flights

Old Bronnie just sits in the chair
Weighed down by care and by hair
Her 94a’s
All brighten her days
When not flying up in the air

July 2015



Having fun in a derogatory way and getting stuck with “ace” words!

When no one appreciates Mace
He suddenly loses his grace
With bat and with ball
He’s off down the hall
And storms off right outa that place

But what this unobservent Mace
Has failed to observe is that space
Is timeless but ends
In relative bends
And so he falls flat on his face!


Strict Metre

The thought of strict metre and rhyme
Is good in its place and its time
But what makes me warm
Is lots of free form
In verses and ladies sublime.


A Pet Problem

Oops, I just had a kitten on keys
She messed up while scratching for fleas
And stuffed up my lim
You must think me dim
And the damn feline’s just scratched my knee!