I worry about Donald Trump
He makes me to majorly grump
He hasn’t a clue
About what to do
He needs a good kick up the rump!

And upon his pussy grabbing revelations – – –

While dancing with Donald, (a risk),
I spotted him cocking his wrist
I swivelled aside
And starting a slide
Then grabbed him and started to twist


Old Bronnie

The beehive-crowned Bronwyn Bishop is/was the Speaker in the House of Reps.

She enjoys sending people out of the chamber under Rule 94a

She also enjoys spending taxpayer money on helicopter flights

Old Bronnie just sits in the chair
Weighed down by care and by hair
Her 94a’s
All brighten her days
When not flying up in the air

July 2015

Political Limerick; Christine Milne

May 2012 and the Leader of the Greens inexplicably votes against a Carbon Tax. This inevitably leads to Tony Abbott being elected Prime Minister.



Political Limericks; Andrew Bolt



Political Limerick; Chris Pyne



The Respected George Pell

It has been alleged, under oath, that George Pell, back in the 1980’s, offered cash to a priest’s child abuse victim to keep quiet!

George Pell when he’s fronted by boys,
Who suffered from lewd priestly joys,
Just offers some cash
And then makes a dash
To Vatican vaults with his toys!

Ærchie 21st May, 2015


Political Limerick, Joe Hockey