Lion Taming

I once tried to tame some big lions,
A circus was in my environs.
They gave an example
To see if I could handle
The job, if I was worth the tryons

They sent in the girl who tamed them.
They jumped through some hoops and roared, then
The biggest one there,
Jumped up off his chair,
And approached her, his mouth wide open.

He knocked her right down to the ground
And rolled her around and around.
He tore off her clothes,
(My cheeks went quite rose)
Then straddled her with a great bound!

Then with his rough tongue he licked her
And with his tail he did flick her.
He quite softly nipped
At her breasts which were gripped
By his paws with which he was gentler

So as she began to quiverise,
And sweat and then start to shiverise,
He redoubled his licking –
I saw he was sticking
His tongue in between both her thighs!

Now all of her loud fevered moan(s)
Had started to harden my bone.
My hands became damp,
My balls they did cramp,
I think even I gave a groan!

To me said the boss of the ring
“Can you handle this sort of thing?”
I said “Thats for sure,
Just open the door,
Get the lion out and let ME in!”

With respect to Max Miller who was banned from radio for two years for telling this one (in prose form) on the BBC back in the fifties.


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