Remembrance Day

9th Nov, 98
For the eightieth time since it became significant, we are approaching the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month!

In Flanders fields poppies still grow
And flying high, bird songs still flow.
Beneath the tilled soil
Lost spirits still toil-
We died, under orders, you know.

They said, “It’s the war to end war”
We willingly went, and lots more.
But since we have died
More widows have cried.
Please tell us just what we died for?

And old men, they told us to fight.
And we believed them, it was right!
They made up the rules,
And made us just tools
Then paid for the crosses so bright!

Old men still send young men to die
And now hear our granddaughters cry
As down through the ages
That bloodlust still rages.
Why the Hell did we even try?

In memory of Cpl Ted Bates KIA 1Jun 1918, Albertville, France, and Col. Tom Todd, OIC 10th Light Horse, died of wounds, 23 Jan, 1919, Cairo, after liberating Jerusalum and helping to restore its civilian infrastructure, both my great uncles.

Archie Nov98


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